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The Short-Term Program

What is the cost?

About $2,000 of the cost of being a short term exchange student is subsidized by Rotary and others. For a short term exchange in 2019 the cost to the student is about $3,500 between the district fee of $500 and out-of-pocket expenses for airfare, insurance and passport.

Rotary District 6150 has a Supplemental Scholarship Fund that can help students with a these costs. Interested students should not let financial limitations keep them from applying. District 6150 Youth Exchange has allocated $5,000 in the next exchange year for supplemental scholarships.


Applicants for the Short-Term Program must apply online at . Information requested includes:

  • Short-Term Application information

  • Your family's Short-Term Host Family Application information (unless the application is for a summer "camp")

  • Your Country Preferences

  • Optional supplemental scholarship application information for financial assistance..

If you need help with your application, please use the Contact Page on this website to ask for it.

Rotary club members will interview student applicants and parents and submit their recommendation to Rotary District 6150.

Important Dates*

January 31, 2023
Applications due

February 15, 2023
Club recommendation on 
Short-Term applicants due to District

March 5, 2023
Outbound Orientation

Location: To be determined

April ?, 2023

Rotary District 6150 Conference,

Location: To be determined

July-August, 2023

Short-Term abroad and hosting exchange partner

* Students desiring an exchange in South America or Japan, please contact us for alternate due dates.

It is the goal of the District 6150 Youth Exchange Program that no qualified student be denied the opportunity to participate for financial reasons.

Short-Term Program students spend about a month in the summer living with a foreign host family. Most Short-Term students participate in an exchange so that the son or daughter of the foreign host family also spends a month here with the Arkansas student’s family acting as hosts. If the student’s family cannot host the foreign exchange partner, let us know; we will search for an alternate family.

Another alternative in the Short-Term Program is summer sessions of a week or two operated by foreign Rotary Districts and Clubs. These sessions can focus on general culture education, or specific activities like mountain climbing, or sailing. Contact us for more information.

There is a $350 exchange fee charged by Rotary District 6150 that is not covered by the basic Scholarship. If financial assistance is desired, please information for a Supplemental Scholarship in addition to those listed below for the Short-Term program.

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