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Your Experience is Not Over

Welcome home, District 6150 outbounds!

Congratulations on successfully completing your exchange. Your stories exemplify the reason for Rotary Youth Exchange—embracing one’s new and old memories, dreams, lessons, and experiences in a way that connects their own culture to the culture to which they opened their mind and heart.

Ready to share your experience?

Send your photos and stories to us.

What is a Rotex Student?

Rotex students are returned Rotary Youth Exchange students who have successfully completed their exchange abroad. They are truly wonderful ambassadors—there is no better program advocate, advice-giver, or guide than someone who has experienced it all!

Giving Back

Rotex students are a huge help to the District 6150 Exchange Program, especially during orientations and overnight weekends. They interact with outbound and inbound students helping them from cultural adaption and re-adaption to simply being there to answer questions. Contact us for more information on how you can give back to Rotary

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